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In theory producing a song is usually divided into four different stages. FIrst of all, the writing process. Everything starts with a blank page and as the ideas, lyrics and chords come floating in, a concept starts to manifest on how the song is going to be recorded.
Stage two is all about studio time and capturing the song onto disc. It is also a very creative process as the last changes can be made before the song is sent to mixing - the third stage.
Depending on the genre and the vibe, mixing is mainly shaping the sound and enhancing what has been recorded. A good mix always starts with a good recording!
Lastly, when everything is sounding the way the artist or band envisioned, their work of art is sent to mastering. It is the final stage of music production and it prepares the song for streaming and radio play.

This may sound all pretty good in theory but in reality, the process from writing the first letter to the polished master is often times a long and winding road! There will always be small changes and things that could be added or done and often many artists feel that they can't finish or let go of their song once the release date is getting closer. That is exactly the point when a producer or someone with experience and taste in music comes in handy! A second pair of ears that listened and followed closely during the process of creation and can now objectively make decisions with regards to release.

"Actually you never really finish a song, you simply abandon it for release. The moment you press the record button is always a snapshot of the current mood and passion you had on that day. But that's exactly what I want to capture!"

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